I'm Kevin Yeaux. Good morning.

I'm an education major and DSA Leadership Ambassador at Southeastern Louisiana University, and president of the Southeastern Young Americans for Liberty.

Also, a political person with a normal obsession.

Email: kevin@kevinyeaux.com
Twitter: @KevinYeaux

More about me...  

At the NHS induction ceremony for @kelsapellettiere. (at Southeastern Louisiana University Student Union)

I’m not sure they got the hang of the “secret” thing quite down.

Is there any more American of a celebration than the opening of a new Walmart?

My #wcw, the always lovely @kelsapellettiere :-)

"Welcome to Hammond, Louisiana. If this is your final destination, please reconsider your life choices." (at Hammond Amtrak)

Driving home from our YAL state convention.

Finally, the Koch Bros’ tool of political domination is revealed: a slap bracelet.

I look vintage, thanks to the wonderfully awesome and talented, Kelsa. ;)

Don’t ask.

I use humor to try and get on my professors’ good sides.

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