I'm Kevin Yeaux. Good morning.

I'm an education major and DSA Leadership Ambassador at Southeastern Louisiana University, and president of the Southeastern Young Americans for Liberty.

Also, a political person with a normal obsession.

Email: kevin@kevinyeaux.com
Twitter: @KevinYeaux

More about me...  

Keep the faith, community washing machine. Keep the faith.

I’m a grown man drinking a pink drink, but it’s strong so I’m okay, right?

Hammond Target: it’s time for a talk.

You guys carry Coke Cherry, Cerry Zero, Diet Coke Lime, and Caffeine Free Coke (why does that even exist?). But you don’t carry Vanilla Coke.


Labor Day: Communism’s gift to the West. A day off.

For those of you contemplating a move to south Louisiana…

I’m already optimistic about the semester. Why? I got a parking spot in the shade on day one.

This is the Cane’s crew board photo of me. (Appropriate, I guess.)

My cat is now an integral part of the television and Internet connectivity of my house.

According to this hotel receipt, I support liber. Go liber!


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