I'm Kevin Yeaux. Good morning.

I'm an education major and DSA Leadership Ambassador at Southeastern Louisiana University, and president of the Southeastern Young Americans for Liberty.

Also, a political person with a normal obsession.

Email: kevin@kevinyeaux.com
Twitter: @KevinYeaux

More about me...  

This bird would like a word with you. (at BREC’s Baton Rouge Zoo)

Not sure why there’s a hook above my door and no one else, but I think this is where they hung the traitors during the Great Hammond-Natalbany War of 1992.

Trying to change a lightbulb, just realized this is a bad idea.

Welcome to Hammond where… you know what, I don’t even know what’s going on here so I really can’t write a joke about it.

The City of Hammond Road Removal Project is proceeding as planned, I see.

talking to old people at call time


Senior call time!

Me on a daily basis.

Welcome to the Hammond pet store, where the cats aren’t really for adoption, they just walk around.

This is how my family celebrates Independence Day

Independence Day eve in Hammond

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