I'm Kevin Yeaux. Good morning.

I'm an education major and DSA Leadership Ambassador at Southeastern Louisiana University, and president of the Southeastern Young Americans for Liberty.

Also, a political person with a normal obsession.

Email: kevin@kevinyeaux.com
Twitter: @KevinYeaux

More about me...  

I’m already optimistic about the semester. Why? I got a parking spot in the shade on day one.

This is the Cane’s crew board photo of me. (Appropriate, I guess.)

My cat is now an integral part of the television and Internet connectivity of my house.

According to this hotel receipt, I support liber. Go liber!


I was sent a picture of myself checking out at Target. So there’s that.

The man we should have been so lucky to have elected president. Got to see him for the first time since that campaign today.

@mleewelch gets a surprise birthday celebration at YAL Nat Con.

I don’t know, some guy named “Rand.” (at Rosslyn Spectrum Theatre)

This bird would like a word with you. (at BREC’s Baton Rouge Zoo)

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